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10+ Powerful Tools for WP Developers in the Year 2023!

Do you want to be a professional WordPress developer? Prepare yourself with the Top 10 Software to design astonishing WordPress Themes and develop useful plugins. Some of these tools are free to use for developers. Also, This article includes 10+ extra tips for beginner WordPress developers in the end.
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WordPress Action and Filter Hooks Tutorial (+10 Examples)

In this WordPress tutorial for beginner developers, I will explain WordPress Actions and WordPress Filters and how you can use these WordPress Hooks in your theme or plugin, easy and understandable. This tutorial also contains +10 helpful examples for those who want to see this WordPress tutorial in action.
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How to Set Post Publish Date Programmatically in WordPress

You can set publish date for posts in the WordPress admin panel but sometimes you may want to set a post publishing date programmatically. for example, when you have lots of unpublished posts and you want to publish these posts on different dates in the future, you can set the publish date for each post […]
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