WordPress tutorials for beginners

How to get Associated Tags to a WordPress Post (5 Examples)

WordPress get_the_tags function is responsible for retrieving associated tags of a post. WordPress developers need to specify post ID to receive an array containing tag IDs, Names, Slugs in full-detailed term objects. Read this tutorial for general information about tagging, its usage, and testing the get_the_tags function in working examples.

WordPress Query Posts by Category, Tag, Custom attribute, and more!

Learn how to List Posts in WordPress using Category name, Tag name, Custom attributes, Post type, Publish date, Random posts, etc. For post listing in WordPress, we use get_posts function to retrieve any WordPress post with desired attributes.
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WordPress Action and Filter Hooks Tutorial (+10 Examples)

In this WordPress tutorial for beginner developers, I will explain WordPress Actions and WordPress Filters and how you can use these WordPress Hooks in your theme or plugin, easy and understandable. This tutorial also contains +10 helpful examples for those who want to see this WordPress tutorial in action.
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How to create a Hello World plugin for WordPress in 3 Steps

Creating a simple WordPress plugin is fast and easy.  in this short tutorial, I’m going to show you, how you can create a custom WordPress plugin and print “Hello world” text inside its admin page. this article also contains 10 helpful tips for beginner WordPress developers.
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