How to Add a Custom Shortcode to WordPress (+Example)

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Shortcodes are helpful when WordPress admins want to run a function and return the result with a simple code. Developers can create a new shortcode for moderators to use when the process of calling a function is complicated or admins want to run a function on multiple pages themselves. Website moderators who do not know how to code PHP often use simple shortcodes inside WordPress editor.

WordPress has a simple function to create custom shortcodes, its called add_shortcode.

In this WordPress tutorial, we’re going to add a custom shortcode using the add_shortcode function in WordPress.

For completing the tutorial we’re going to run this shortcode inside the editor and see what happens.

Explaining add_shortcode function

add_shortcode($tag, $callback)

How to use the add_shortcode to add a new shortcode in WordPress?

Adding a new shortcode

Testing if the shortcode works

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