How to Detect WP Home Page [Default or Static Front Page]

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How to Detect WP Home Page [Default or Static Front Page]

Looking for a way to determine the WordPress Home Page when visitors are viewing it? Use the is_home or is_front_page functions in a PHP condition when you want to do stuff when the Current Page is WordPress Website Home Page. Check our example for the is_home and is_front_page functions; we've reviewed these functions and explained their usage.

Check if the current page is the WP home page (is_home vs is_front_page)

The is_home function was introduced in WordPress v2.1 to help developers detect the Home Page when a user is visiting.

But it has a con; is_home() does not detect the main page of your website if you set a static front page in WordPress settings. use the is_front_page() function to detect the front page regardless of settings.

is_home and is_front_page function syntax

These two functions need no arguments, and they will return a Boolean value as the result.


What is the difference between is_home and is_front_page functions in WordPress?

From WordPress v2.1, the administrator can set a static page as the website’s front page; and also a “posts page” to show your website’s post list.

is_home() function will return a false value when you set a static page for the WP front. In the case of setting a “posts page” in WP settings, this function will return true on that page.

This setting is available in WordPress Admin Panel -> Settings -> Reading page.

Set a static page for WordPress’s front page

is_front_page() was introduced later to detect the wp front page regardless of settings.

is_home() actually detects the WP home’s posts query. It means if you have a different page for your blog posts and you’ve set a static page for home, it will return a false value.

is_home() vs is_front_page(): is_home detects your posts page. is_front_page detects WordPress’s home page anyway.

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