How to Get Category ID by Name in WordPress

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How to Get Category ID by Name in WordPress

get_cat_ID function in WordPress is responsible for retrieving category ID from a given category name. I'm going to try the get_cat_ID function in an example to make the usage more clear.

Several ways to get a category ID based on a given category name are available when developing WordPress.

But the most preferred function, in this case, is the get_cat_ID function.

The get_cat_ID function only gets the category name as a parameter, and as a result, it will return an integer ID number.

If the specified category does not exist, the get_the_ID function returned value will be 0.

How to use get_cat_ID function in WordPress?

The get_cat_ID function has an easy syntax and fast usage.

get_cat_ID function syntax in WordPress

The function syntax is super clear. it only accepts one parameter, which is the name of the category (string):


get_cat_ID function Example

For a fresh WordPress installation, I want to try the “uncategorized” category name to check if this function works correctly.

$categoryName = "uncategorized";
$categoryId = get_cat_ID($categoryName); //value was 1!

After running the above codes, $categoryId in my case was 1, which is a correct value for my new WordPress installation.

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