How to get Publish Date of The Last Post in WordPress

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WordPress has two perfect functions to get Publish Date of the Last Post. get_lastpostdate and get_lastpostmodified functions are helpful when the developer wants to retrieve Latest Post's Dates. In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, We will try these two functions in a working environment and check if they return what we want?

How to get Last Post Publish Date using the get_lastpostdate function in WordPress?

get_lastpostdate function is helpful when you want to retrieve the latest post publish date.

This function’s syntax is easy to understand:

get_lastpostdate($timezone='server', $postType='any')

Set the $timezone parameter to get the date based on your selected timezone.

$postType can determine what type of posts you want information about.

How to get the Date that a Post was Modified using the get_lastpostmodified function in WordPress?

get_lastpostmodified function will return a date string that represents the last date and time a post was modified on the current website.

The syntax is much like the previous function:

get_lastpostmodified($timezone='server', $postType='any')

Parameters are the same as get_lastpostdate function.

Example of running these two functions in my case:

$lastPostPublishDate = get_lastpostdate(); //value: 2021-11-03 07:32:44.000000
$lastPostModifyDate = get_lastpostmodified(); //value: 2021-11-05 11:30:53.000000

Returned value was correct for me in the local work space.

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